Anyone who’s read about Dave’s Irish Whiskey ‘s foray into collecting Irish will know that his head was first turned by a Power’s Single Cask from the Celtic Whiskey Store (Cask #284 to be precise)- Ironically the last bottle that I needed to finish the set!.

I was actually introduced to the series one day in L Mulligans when I was on the hunt for a special whiskey to celebrate my upcoming wedding. As fate would have it, they had literally just received stock of their own Powers Single Cask, and once I found the bottle number which best fit the wedding date – I became the first buyer of the bottling!

That bottle didn’t last long, but as the box lingered in my cabinet I grew ever fonder of the artwork that adorns the outside (such a beautiful presentation box), so decided to purchase another bottle, and of course expand from there. And expand, and expand, and expand. The “set” now stands at 24 bottles (full list below) with a further couple bottles due for release. For the sake of the bank-balances of those collecting – I hope they shift into a different presentation box soon so we can all book-end the set!

To my knowledge, there are only 6 complete sets, with the current value of the set (based on one that recently changed hands) is €9,500. In all honesty, I am actually surprised at how low the set is worth. In my opinion, the collection would be an incredible addition to any home or Bar, and if you take the fundamentals of what drives value (History, brand, scarcity, beauty, story), this collection should appreciate quite substantially over time. The only downside here however is there is almost no marketing for the collection – so only those ‘in the know’ are familiar with it.

While some bottles are still available at retail prices, those which are “sold out” are proving harder and harder to find, let alone acquire. The CWS Cask 98 & Cask 284 are proving the hardest to acquire with some friends taking over a year source them – let alone pry them from the people who have them. Having said that – I know of one resourceful young chap who picked up a Cask 98 (by accident as the seller thought it was a different year) for €300……. so there are still bargains to be found out there folks.

That is of course if you can avoid opening the tasty little feckers!

Anyway – Please note the figures below are derived from 87 data points from the last 18 months, and are an estimation of value within +/- €50.

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