Since starting falling down the rabbit hole of collecting Irish Whiskey in 2016, I’ve kept tabs on the prices that certain bottles of Irish whiskey were achieving at auctions – primarily to ensure that I wasn’t overpaying, but also to have an idea of what my costly hobby was worth!

In 2018 in particular, certain bottles have secured (in my opinion) crazy prices (both in the open market, and certain online forums), and I question how much of these figures are driven by actual value, or simply novice collectors being taken advantage of.

So here I plan to post on a regular basis, what trends and opinions I can see in the Irish Whiskey Market. Please subscribe, and follow my various social channels – but most importantly, please contribute by submitting your purchases/sales (or even bottles you want to buy or sell) through the The “Survey” – top left of this page.

This blog will only be as good as the data you provide – but will hopefully serve all the collectors of Irish Whiskey by giving them insights into how their liquid assets are performing!