When you first log in, you will be greeted by the dashboard, from here the Search option is fully integrated to the ‘Vault’, ‘Previous Sales’, ‘Live Lots’ and

When you hit search, it’ll default to the previous auction sales search, where it will give you the latest sales of the item.

If you click on the ‘Vault’ icon, it will bring you to the list of tracked bottles that you can add to your vault.
Quick add, is a one click action to track that bottle, if you click on Add – Advance you will be brought to the whiskey profile page.

The Whiskey Profile page will have any available information for the bottle, including graphs of previous sales. When you click on the ‘Add to collection’ here you will be able to add additional info to your bottle such as price paid, or bottle numbers so you can easily keep track of your spending and inventory.

If theres no bottle available for what you want to track, you can click on the ‘Contribute’ side bar, and add a new whiskey:
Try and fill in as many details as possible, and if the brand is not currently available, you can add a new brand to a producer, or add a new producer entirely if the producer is also not there. When uploading a whiskey picture, if it is on a white background the software will automatically clear the background and give a nicer picture of the bottle.

Now you can check your collection value section, which will give you the value of your bottles at auction:

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