As auctions and whiskey prices have gone a bit crazy recently, and many of you very interested in it (showing from the 2.8k member in Irish Whiskey Valuations ) I’ve decided to do a sort of ‘Auction Review’, or ‘Auction Spotlight’ as I like to call it.

This one is of course from Irish Whiskey Auctions December auction. I delve into the data for some top whiskey that a lot of you are probably interested in, and take a top level overview of many other brands and how they performed in this auction compared to the average of the last 3 months from Scotch Whiskey Auctions, Grand Whisky auctions, Whisky Auctioneer, and Just Whisky Auctions.

Would really appreciate any reads, shares or comments on this and let me know whether anything caught your eye as a shock (good or bad!) Sláinte!

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