Irish distilleries band together to fight COVID-19

During a time of crisis there are many things that need to happen, communication is key, community is essential and coming together with our skills to combat the crisis is imperitive. For most of us, that means going about our work keeping the economy in motion and providing services to those greatly affected by the current climate. For some, who's work could be transferrable, theres a choice to make whatever changes necessary to produce much needed goods to our frontline staff. Thats exactly what these distilleries did. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prvention (CDC) it's best to have a minimum of 60% alcohol for santitation to kill germs. Distilleries routinely make distillate from 60-80% for whiskey, even higher sometimes, so there is an obvious path there for them to produce sanitary products.

Below you will find all the distilleries that have joined the cause and a link to their shop if you would like to support them by buying their products!

I will be updating this as more join, please email me or dm on Instagram if you'd like to amend the details here, or there's other distilleries I have missed. Stay safe! Sláinte.