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About Me

Who am I?

My name is Carl, and that's my ugly mug in front of barrels of whiskey much older, and probably more expensive, than me! You can find me on Instagram and Twitter I’d be glad to chat whiskey and if you want to be featured just drop me a line!

I started my whiskey journey about 6 years ago when my dad introduced me to Jameson. I obviously didn’t get straight into it, I recoiled at the time from the alcohol burn, but since then it ignighted a passion that has led me from Dublin, visiting the Jameson Distillery and Teelings, down to Cork to visit the Midleton Distillery, and all the way across the pond to Kentucky to do part of the Bourbon Trail (Makers Mark, Michters, Angels Envy, Buffalo Trace to name a few!)

What fuels my passion?
I’ve been so intrigued at the different flavours you can get from taking the exact same liquid, and changing certain small things (such as length in the cask, size of cask, type of cask, area it's aged, area in the warehouse it's aged) to create such drastic differences. The best case of seeing this I feel would be to try the Green Spot Irish Whiskey from Mitchell and Son. Then try their Yellow and Red Spot. They are drastically different, to the point that if you didn't like one of them; chances are you will like one of them more suited to your flavour! The reason I would bring that as an example than lets say a scotch like Lagavulin, sure the peatiness will mellow out the longer its aged (8yr being very sharp, 16yr being mellow and flavourful) if you absolutely despise one you're likely not going to change your mind through the range as it's not as drastic a change as the spot whiskies I mentioned.

Whats my aim?
I want to help people on their whiskey journey explore whiskies that are suited to their tastes, and create tools to help enthusiasts like ourselves explore efficiently.

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