Auction Spotlight:Irish Whiskey Auctions April 2021

Irish Whiskey Auctions: April 2021 Auction

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This auction spotlight we take a look at Irish Whiskey Auctions (IWA) April 2021. IWA has become the defacto for auction interest in Ireland, moreso now with the brexit tariffs which is evident by their growing numbers each month. This month however, we didnt hear Anthony’s fabled words ‘This is our biggest auction yet!’. If you hadn’t been following along, IWA had to throttle their auction this month simply due to demand (sounds crazy I know). With last months issues, they decided to run a smaller auction to eleviate some of the pressure on the software they had, with the hopes of a new system being in place come the May auction. The decision seemed to pay off with the site having no issues at closing time and still providing a diverse, and healthy 900 piece auction.

Now, for the numbers of the auction which there were quite a few shockers. Thanks to all for your feedback on whether you prefer this layout, or the previous one. I will be tweaking this as we go along.

Top level stats:

Number of lots: 868
Number of lots successfully won: 858
Avg Price of Successful Lot: €321.34
Avg Change Successful Lot: +4%

New/ Infrequent Sales

RedBreast 10 Year Old Cask Strength : Released on the 11th of March 2021 as an exclusive to the bird house members, you didn’t need to wait long to see this in the auctions. There were 14 on IWA this auction, with another 21 being previously sold on Grand Whisky Auction(8, €157 avg), Celtic(7, €182 avg), Scotch Whisky Auctions(3, €277 avg), Whisky Hammer(2, €211 avg), and Just Whisky Auctions(1, €216) as a cumulative selling on average for €201. IWA finished up with €160 avg. Considering it was sold for €100 at retail, I’d say the sellers got a good deal.
Teeling Brabazon Bottling Set (1-4) : The Brabazon series has come to an end with the final installment back in Decemeber so this would be the first time a full set was put on auction. The 1st and 2nd in the series were retailling at €80 and the 3rd and 4th at €95 that puts the cost price at €350. The set ended up fetching €431 a respectable increase of 23%.
Midleton Very Rare 30th Anniversary Pearl Edition : 50mls of this highly coveted whiskey sold last auction at €2,250 putting the full bottle at around €31,500(14x2250) worth. I thought we would have to wait a few months before seeing whether or not the price by the measure was worth it. Turns out it wasn’t. A full bottle + miniature sold for €18,650, up from it’s last appearance in July (€13,420)
Green Spot 10 Year Old : A rare bottle of 26 2/3 FL Oz, 70 Proof Green Spot whiskey. Most likely 1950’s bottling from Jameson. It’s not often we see this and it came in at a healthy €1,050.

The usual watchlists

These are all of the ‘usual’ collections people would be watching. Constantly updating tables are able to be found under ‘Price Logs/Whiskey Views’ when you signup for an account on the website.

Note: Italics on the expression name means large drop in price. Bold means large increase.

Bushmills Causeway Collection

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
1990 American New Oak2€1,005+10%
1992 Cognac Cask1€650-20%
1992 Malaga Cask2€650-4%
2006 Marsala Cask1€750-28%
2008 Douro Cask4€324-2%
2008 Muscatel Cask3€215-18%
2010 Cognac Cask6€72-20%
2011 Banyuls Cask7€185-35%
28 Year Rare Cask1€1,050-25%

A lot of red here on the Causeway colelction, with relatively low bottle numbers in the auction too. Have all the current collectors been sorted and we’re waiting on the next wave to take on the challenge?

Dingle Core

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
Single Malt Batch 11€440+2%
Single Malt Batch 22€103-42%
Single Malt Batch 3(incl glass)3€92+13%
Single Malt Batch 4(incl glass)1€160+110%
Single Malt Batch 5 CS1€2100%
Single Pot Still Batch 23€126+10%
Single Pot Still Batch 41€75-17%
Single Pot Still Batch 4 CS1€215-5%

Apparently, the set with a glass for Dingle Single Malt is where the investability lies haha.

Dingle Special

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
FF Zoltans Special #11€755+115%
FF Heavens Kiss1€165?%
Single Malt SuperValu1€190-10%

Massive jump for Zoltans Special Founding Fathers cask - You’d have to wonder what prompted that when other FF’s seem to stagnate.


Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
12 PX Cask 13273€192-9%
12 PX Cask 17032€163-2%
12 PX Cask 17104€160-11%
10 PX Finish5€145+8%
18 Paolo Cortado #12031€255+8%
18 Paolo Cortado #12112€188-13%
20 #17171€325+23%


Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
10 - Bicentennial1€1,050+18%
2005 SC #105181 - Mitchells1€520-10%
2006 SC #25850 - TWE2€468-1%


Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
10 Single Cask1€870-60%
19 Single Cask1€1,050-49%
8 Single Grain1€76+1%

Huge drop in price for these two Greenores, shortly after their record highs on IWA recently. Just goes to show you can’t chase previous auction bidders!


Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
12 Year Old Distillery Reserve3€138-8%
12 Year Old Special Reserve4€130+16%
15 Year Old Pure Pot Still1€530+20%
18 Year Old Limited Reserve1€215+25%
Bartender Ball 20151€265+123%
Gold Reserve1€240+41%
RVR 2007 Carbon Box1€600+11%
St.Patricks Day 20141€150+16%
St.Patricks Day 20151€125+35%
St.Patricks Day 20162€55-13%
St.Patricks Day 20171€510%
St.Patricks Day 20182€500%
St.Patricks Day 20202€42-14%
St.Patricks Day Set1€500?%
Thanks a Million1€410-14%

A very green month for Jameson products. I had my eye on the bartenders ball myself, who would’ve thought it’d go so far over the previous average.

Jameson Caskmates

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
Devil Craft (Japan)1€160-25%
Stout (New)1€50+10%
Stout (Red Cap)1€52-11%

JJ Corry

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
‘Hon’ The Banner2€78+23%
Irish Whiskey Freunde1€113+35%
The Banner Batch 21€52-11%
The Banner Batch 31€47-9%
The Battalion Batch 11€79+12%
The Lock-In1€68-7%
The Rebel2€120+57%

A mixed bag from JJ Corry, but much better than previous auctions. With news that their first cask aged by them from new make, will we see a bit of a resurgence in the collectability of the brand?


Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
Dark Rum (BWW)2€333+80%
Dark Rum Jamaica2€245-21%
Hungarian Oak5€101-11%
Oatmeal Stout3€100-18%
Peated Islay2€107-7%
Pinot Noir1€110-2%
Txakolina Acacia1€105+11%
Bondend Experimental Set1€850-6%
Cúige Poitín Set1€4600%

With BWW fast approaching, some might be looking at that as a collection, or perhaps trying to collect everything Killowen have brought out. The bonded set turned out to be good value for the buyer, with individual bottles costing €883 to put the set together.

Midleton Special Editions

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
1973 25 Year Old1€2,000+11%
1973 Masters Private Collection1€4,451+104%
20th Anniversary1€4,200-1%
Academy 21€320+7%
The Housewarming1€1,650+15%
Adare Manor1€3,650+19%

Midleton Very Rare

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
1993 75cl1€1,380+19%
2017 (New Bottling)7€773-3%
2017 (Old Bottling)9€461+3%

RedBreast Dream Cask

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
DC 20 PX2€907+19%
DC 20 PX (Btl No. 1)1€2,800?%
DC 28 Port1€1,300+30%
DC 322€2,300+1%

With the next Dreamcask going to be announced on World Whiskey Day, it’s no wonder DC is on peoples minds. A nice increase across the board and look at that bottle number 1 price! Astounding.

RedBreast US Small Batch

Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
BevMo Batch A1€300-8%
Blackwells Batch C1€295+5%
Bounty Hunter Batch D2€344+35%
GBOD Batch D3€320+14%
Gordons Batch B1€681+6%
Julios & RedStone Batch A2€589-31%
Julios & RedStone Batch D1€567?%
K&L Batch B2€380-9%
Maison Corbeaux Batch A2€460+22%
Oak & Violet Batch D2€635-25%
TitleTown Batch C3€346-4%


Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
Revival Volume 11€210+26%
Revival Volume 33€135-8%
Revival Volume 41€160+3%
Revival Volume 51€120-3%
Renaissance Series 11€310+68%
24 Year Vintage Reserve1€760+97%

Unbelievable jump in price for both the renaissance series 1 and the 24 year vintage reserve (best single malt winner).


Expression# SoldAvg Price% On Prev Avg
SFO 1.1 - Ballykilcavan3€96+50%
SFO 1.1 - Ballymorgan3€72+18%
SFO 1.1 - Bannow Island3€87+26%
SFO 1.1 - Dunbell1€200+34%
SFO 1.1 - Dunmore1€205+65%
SFO 1.1 - Ratheadon6€184-14%
SFO 1.1 - Sheestown7€52-13%
SFO 1.2 - Ballykilcavan1€75+39%
SFO 1.2 - Bannow Island1€70+29%
SFO 1.2 - Ratheadon1€53-20%
SFO 1.2 - Sheestown1€52-12%

Lots of green for Waterford and their blue bottles, however, it’s been a good few months of red so some are still not back where they were.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful, see you on the next one!

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