Auction Spotlight: Irish Whiskey Auctions March 2021

Irish Whiskey Auctions: February 2021 Auction

Welcome back to another edition of Auction Spotlight where we take a look at the price differential between an auction and the previous 3 month prices to get a feel for where the market is at. I’d like to first say thanks to my patrons, I couldn’t do what I do without their support and they’ve allowed me to work on some really cool projects like live auction searching and even an android and ios app to be your virtual Whiskey Companion! If you’re so inclined, you can signup here to gain access to our collection tracker, tasting journal, whiskey exploration, wishlist and many more features. You can support me on Patreon to gain access to additional whiskey valuation tools and support what I do for as little as 4 euro a month while supporting a small Irish business with many goodies planned for later in the year.

This auction spotlight we take a look at Irish Whiskey Auctions (IWA) March 2021. IWA has gone from success to success each and every month which is quite evident if you watch their videos. You will see Anthony and Katie say that it’s the biggest auction, every month, for the last 6 months! This is great to see as the more popular the auctions become with Irish Whiskey, the more eyes will be on the whole category. Alas with each success there are growing pains and we all experienced this on Sunday for IWA. For those that weren’t around or had been good bidders and got their max (proxy) bids in early IWA had some trouble toward the end of the auction with many buyers unable to bid on items in the last 10 mins. This lead to peoples first frustration (unable to bid). As always IWA showed their integrity and honesty by coming out and extending the auction until 9PM to give everyone a fair chance to complete their bidding. Due to the software being the way it is, it initally had closed the auction at 7, with some buyers seeing on their screen that they had ‘won’ items, which were subsequently extended (as the whole auction was). This seemed to be the spark for the second frustration and nobody could have anticipated the amount of backlash, public slating and threats IWA receieved in the aftermath.

Ever since I joined this Irish Whiskey community, the one thing above all else that people(new and old) kept saying was how welcoming, understanding and tight knit the community was. This fiasco really put that into perspective for me seeing how many people I thought were standup people berate and belittle everything IWA has done over the years for little more than a bottle of whiskey… at the end of the day thats all it is, there will be more at auction, believe me! Among all of the negativity there were nuggets of positivity and understanding, which was great to see, but they were completely overshadowed. At the end of the day, we’re all batting on the same team: Irish Whiskey. Instead of slating and hating on each other, why not come up with some constructive ways of how it can be done better? For IWA its not a matter of server load, they have that in spades. It’s down to the software so what should they do? Should it be a tiered finished system with certain lots finishing on a time scale giving an hour between each lot? Perhaps random closing? Have a finish time of X and lots start to close after that (with no visible timer). Have no auction until the new site? It’s a tough call either way as none of these solutions have been fully load tested to the point at which the auctions are being hit. Form for suggestions/feedback

If you were someone who in the heat of the moment took it out on IWA, I implore you to look back over your messages now, while you’re calmer and the dust has settled a little and if you think now you were out of line reach out to them to say ‘look sorry, it was the heat of the moment and it wasn’t personal’ at the end of the day theres people on the end of the fb messages, emails and phones when you’re giving out. No matter the industry, they don’t deserve to be berated and belittled.

Now, for the numbers of the auction which there were quite a few shockers. I am doing it a little different this time, so I would love your feedback on whether you prefer this layout, or the previous one.

New/ Infrequent Sales

Midleton Very Rare 1988 : One of the most difficult to get it shows up almost a year after it smashed all expectations at IWA in April hitting €20,500. More recently one sold on Whisky.Auction for €11,150 so no one expected this to go for an eye watering €30,400!
JJ Corry The Chosen : Some may argue this way the first marketed ‘ultra premium’ Irish Whiskey coming out for RRP of €6,500. This is the first time I’ve seen it at auction and it hasnt seemed to change much in its price. The hammer fell on this for €6,500.
Midleton Very Rare 30th Anniversary Pearl Edition (Miniature) : 50mls of a highly coveted whiskey, the Midleton Pearl. This hammer dropped at €2,250 putting the full bottle at (roughly, not really a good way to value) around €31,500(14x2250) worth!
Writer Tears Cask Strength 2014 : Showing that it’s one in demand, and tough to get the WT CS collection has been getting a bit more attention than usual with the 2014 expression fetching a jaw dropping €630!
Killowen: Cuige Set: Released only earlier this month, the Cuige set sold out in 2 minutes from Killowens new website. It retailed at £200 for the 5 bottles. There has been some great interest in what the guys are doing there and that shows from the €460 hammer price for this set.

The usual watchlists

These are all of the ‘usual’ collections people would be watching. If you prefer the old way with some commentary on the prices please let me know below.

Note: Italics on the expression name means large drop in price. Bold means large increase.

Bushmills Causeway Collection

Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
1990 American New Oak13€725€820€769-24%
1992 Cognac Cask4730€871€785-5%
1992 Malaga Cask2595€640€617-14%
1995 Malaga Cask4409€600€51631%
2001 Feuillette1€1,551€1,551€1,5511%
2006 Marsala Cask3€700€840€757-36%
2008 Douro Cask5330€400€37412%
2008 Muscatel Cask15€190€250€208-33%
2010 Cognac Cask20€61€85€69-37%
2011 Banyuls Cask18€160€185€168-35%

Dingle Core

Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
Single Malt Batch 13€355€380€365-19%
Single Malt Batch 23€149€166€155-20%
Single Malt Batch 2 CS2€265€360€312-8%
Single Malt Batch 34€75€85€82-3%
Single Malt Batch 41€62€62€62-22%
Single Malt Batch 4 CS1€260€260€260-1%
Single Malt Batch 51€85€85€8533%
Single Malt Batch 5 CS3€310€321€31429%
Single Pot Still Batch 14€392€410€4033%
Single Pot Still Batch 27€75€100€75-32%
Single Pot Still Batch 32€63€63€638%
Single Pot Still Batch 43€81€91€861%
Single Pot Still Batch 4 CS3€310€321€31429%

Dingle Special

Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
FF Ashes Bar1€125€125€125-6%
FF Brianas Choice1€190€190€190-1%
FF Mr Whisky1€300€300€30040%
FF Old Cannon2€125€135€13015%
Single Malt SuperValu3€206€211€209-12%


Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
12 PX Cask 13264€215€250€22917%
12 PX Cask 13271€226€226€2267%
12 PX Cask 17031€190€190€19013%


Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
1991 SC #50776 - TWE1€550€550€5507%
2005 SC #105181 - Mitchells1€550€550€550-8%
2006 SC #25850 - TWE2€540€540€54033%
2007 SC #7740 - Revolution1€430€430€430-8%
2008 SC #283863 - Palace Bar3€395€420€407-6%


Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
12 Year Old Distillery Reserve (New)1€200€200€200100%
12 Year Old Special Reserve1€125€125€12514%
18 Year Old Limited Reserve3€165€211€18618%
Gold Reserve2€190€200€19518%
18 Year Old Masters Selection1€160€160€160-16%
Black Barrel Double Char2€210€211€211-19%

Jameson Caskmates

Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
Beavertown (UK)1€150€150€150-6%
Fourpure (London)2€80€80€8050%
Outland (Paris)1€38€38€38-18%
Stout (New Label)1€42€42€42-11%
Stout (Red Cap)2€52€55€53-16%
Young Henry (Austrailia)2€211€390€300-43%

JJ Corry

Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
‘Hon’ The Banner4€57€60€58-13%
Bonders Blend No.32€141€150€145.5-8%
Irish Whiskey Freunde3€76€102€9119%
The Armada 511€180€180€18026%
The Banner Batch 21€56€56€56-6%
The Battalion Batch 12€81€105€9348%
The Battalion Batch 21€67€67€67-15%
The Black Friday4€85€95€89.25-3%
The Bridie1€71€71€73.34-3%
The Cross Batch 12€67€91€79-17%
The Gael Batch 12€76€91€83.58%
The Gold Rush1€90€90€903%
The Kelly2€110€110€110-11%
The Lock-In3€66€140€9462%
The Old Tom3€110€116€11224%
The Rebel2€81€95€8835%
The Sonas2€62€75€68.515%
The Story1€212€212€212-9%
The Whiskey Thief1€111€111€111-2%

Midleton Very Rare

Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
1993 75cl1€1,050€1,050€1,05017%
2014 75cl1€1,267€1,267€1,267n/a
2017 (New Bottling)7€840€960€91226%
2017 (Old Bottling)9€490€520€50922%

Midleton Dair Ghaelach

Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
Bluebell Wood Tree 32€330€370€350-3%
Bluebell Wood Tree 61€410€410€41016%
Grinsells Wood Tree 21€2460€2460€2460200%
Grinsells Wood Tree 34€239€270€257-19%
Grinsells Wood Tree 41€750€750€75030%
Grinsells Wood Tree 51€600€600€60029%
Grinsells Wood Tree 71€320€320€320-2%
Grinsells Wood Tree 93€251€270€264-35%
Knockrath Forest Set1€2,250€2,250€2,25011%
Knockrath Wood Tree 31€255€255€255-15%
Knockrath Wood Tree 71€910€910€910103%

RedBreast Dream Cask

Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
DC 20 PX1€740€740€740-1%
DC 28 Port1€1,120€1,120€1,12018%
DC 3222550€2602€257624%


Expression# SoldMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price% Change
Revival Volume 11€190€190€19016%
Revival Volume 21€165€165€165-18%
Revival Volume 32€130€140€135-10%
Revival Volume 41€136€136€136-24%
Revival Volume 53€110€127€117-7%

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful, see you on the next one!

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