Auction Spotlight: WhiskyAuctioneer - December 2020

WhiskyAuctioneer: December 2020 Auction

It’s been a little over a week since the end of Irish Whiskey Auctions December Auction and we’ve had some time to digest the prices. A great indicator of if a price will stay at the level it reached in an Irish auction, is to take a look at the auction sites across the pond. This particular one however, I’m sure had people like myself that were apprehensive of bidding due to the new brexit restrictions and how much a bottle would actually end up costing after the hammer was slammed. Sit back, relax and grab a dram. Let’s dissect WhiskyAuctiooner December 2020 Auction.

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The Ups and Downs of the auction

For those who haven’t read the previous auction spotlight, a reminder as to how I’ve broken this down. I take a look at all auction prices from this auction and compare it to the last auction and the last 3 month avg without those auction making reference to the most noteworthy changes, be it highs or lows, by brand of whiskey. Let me know in the comments if there were any that stood out to you in the auction, and if you bought any yourself.

Some interesting numbers: Avg Hammer Price for Irish Whiskey: €338.17, 110 Unique bottles/expressions, with an avg increase of +11% for Irish whiskey over the last 3 months


I was scrolling through my list of % and seen a bright green cell calling out to me and it was the Jameson Gold Reserve. This has been steady at the €124 mark for a number of months. Now I am aware that there are multiple different bottles, and packaging for the Jameson gold, but even looking at past auctions around that price its the same as the bottle above. If anyone can shed light on the different bottles please drop me a mail! A similar one went to IWA last week, albeit with no box, and fetched €112. This one blew that out of the water making noise at €415 - 236% over the avg and 272% over IWA! Amazing.

Jameson Grace also made an appearance on whiskeyAuctioneer for the first time since Jan 2020(€600), but last sold on IWA in October(€740). A couple of people must’ve been waiting on it to come back as it fetched a pretty €869 (45% up on last WA, 17% up since IWA October)


I am still trying to figure out which is more difficult to get.. Bluespot or a ps5? They’ve been out of stock for weeks since its release, but thankfully I have a stock checker and ended up getting 2 last week at retail price due to this. It’s showed a strong auction presence thus far, ringing in at €112 for the past 3 months. This followed a 30% increase to €142. The prices have stayed strong and increased a further 24% on IWA’s prices to €176 on WhiskyAuctioneer. To put that in perspective.. thats 2 bottles + shipping at retail. If you’re looking for the discord notifier you can signup for it here

Bushmills Causeway Collection 1992

Released in November 2020 as an exclusive for France - La Maison du Whisky at €399. It was a release of 500 bottles at 46.7% and one would have thought it wouldn’t be snapped up too quick, and take a couple of weeks like the Irish 1992 cask. However, in this it’s first auction its fetched a cool €1344, over 237% from retail. There were two in the auction, one at €1300, the other a measly €1200!!

Bushmills Causeway Collection 2001

Released in December 2020 as an exclusive for the UK - The Whiskey Shop at £200. This release has 168 bottles in it and they sold out instantly. The first auction with it went well at Irish Whiskey Auctions fetching a final hammer price for both bottles in the auction at €1,360. A juicy 515% increase on retail. There must have been some hunger for these bottles tho as there were 2 in this auction too and they increased 29% on the IWA prices to €1,752! Wow!

Midleton (Brand)

As usual, Midleton had dominated the Irish category this month. Lets see how the prices faired

Midleton 1973 Master Distillers Private Collection

An extremely rare release from Midleton, distilled in ‘73 and aged for 25 years before being release wasn’t enough to push this bottle back up to the avg it had held the last 3 months (€2,625). It took a bit of a beating, dropping 38% on this avg to €1,635 hammer price. There’s no clear indication as to why this may be it looks as if the bottle is in great condition and comes with everything that was sold at retail. Strange to see!

Midleton Very Rare 1993

A bottle I always look out for at auctions, due to it being my birth year, it’s bitter sweet seeing it take a hit on the 3 month avg of 19% reducing its price from €1,284 to €1,035. Still not in the price range I’d be buying at but becoming more attainable, haha!

For those reading and thinking ‘this is it, this is the bubble being burst’ I’ve got some bad (or good?) news, it ain’t all bad!

Lower than IWA but still higher than the 3 Month Avg

2007: Sold at a respectable €700 on IWA and followed up showing its intent on shaking the €447 avg coming in at €616 (38% up on avg, -12% on IWA)
2014: Becoming more and more sought after, the price sold on IWA was a strong €775 up on the €654 avg. The WA followed up with a close €756 (16% up on avg, -3% on IWA)
2016: Another one people are looking for a lot due to collection the BN collection, it was sold on IWA at €393 up on the €297 avg. The WA followed up with a €331 price tag (12% up on avg, -16% on IWA)
2017 (Old Bottling): It’s sister, the New Style 2017 is the one I was really hoping to see after it’s increase on the IWA, but the old style has been gaining quite consistently. It was sold on IWA at €410 up on the €322 avg. The WA followed up with a €368 price tag (14% up on avg, -10% on IWA)

Higher than the 3 Month Avg and IWA Prices

1992: Showing there’s still quite a lot of demand for the older releases, the 1992’s avg was €1,030. It took a dip in the IWA as it was only a bottle, no papperwork or box and ended up at 580. This one in WA went above avg at €1,092 with a 6% increase. It wouldn’t be fair to compare it to the IWA one as its two different bottles (but for the curious it translates to an 88% increase from that one.. what a difference box and paperwork makes!)
2006: A really strong showing for the 2006 in IWA climbing from the avg of €482 to €700. The WA bidders weren’t happy with that and kept pushing up to €784 a 63% increase on the avg, and 12% on IWA
2013: The 2013 has been at €759 avg for the past 3 months, one of the highes for 2010’s. It increased on IWA to €813 and again on WA to €930. An increase of 23% on the avg, and 14% over IWA.
2018: Getting more difficult to find at retail, but it’s been consistent on auctions at €220 avg over the past 3 months. Followed up on the IWA with a €282 I didn’t think it would sustain that level but WA proved me wrong pushing a further 29% to €364 66% over the 3 month avg.
2019: Said to be the MVR off licences are flogging because of the shortage of 2020. The avg may have backed that up with it being lower than the rrp in Ireland at €176. However, in IWA this jumped to €241 and continued to rally another 43% being one of the big shockers for me ringing in at €343 (95% above the avg)
2020: Ah 2020, love it or hate it it’s pulling in crazy numbers. The avg put it at €869 and IWA just missed that mark pulling in €866 over 10 bottles. This auction slapped an extra 24% on and called the hammer price at €1,074


There were a couple of Dingle up this auction, we saw a bit of a resurgence on the core lineup of Dingle in IWA and that continues in the WA with the Single Malt Cask Strength 3rd Edition increasing 3% on IWA (€240) and 44% on the 3 month avg(€171) to €246. Briannas Founding Fathers cask took a hit from the height of IWA prices of 16% but still an increase of 36% over the €115 avg to €156. The SuperValu edition took a hit on both fronts, 17% down on IWA(€190) and the avg(€188) settling at €157


There wasn’t many RedBreast in this auction, 2 Cask Strengths coming in at €80 B1/16 and B2/19 both slightly under their averages, nothing to worry about I’d say. The star of the RB show was the DC 28 Port. An elusive bottle that was exclusively sold by ballot with many collectors unable to get their hands on it. It went for €800 on IWA but there must be more collectors on WA looking for the bottle bidding up to a staggering €980. The avg over the past 3 months was at €835 so thats a steady increase of 19% on the avg and 22% over IWA.


Waterford came in like a blue wave over the auctions when they started releasing their whiskey, and as long as it had the name Waterford on it, it would fetch a decent price. Times seem to have changed with a huge blow for the Waterford Cuvees.
Lómhar: the latest installment was extremely tough to obtain, but it seems those who have obtained just sent to auction anyway. They commanded a top price of €618 over the past 3 months but took a steep decline in IWA fetching €302. The decline kept going for WA and settled at €253. Considering the retail on the bottle was €90 its nothing to sniff at, but that’s a sharp decline by any measure
The Pilgrimage: The first release from Waterford, an exclusive to those who bought tickets to make the pilgrimage to Waterford to celebrate the release of their whiskey. One I believe will always be collectable and command a high price. The last 3 months it sat at €1,335 but it took a dive on IWA dropping to €984. WA followed suit and the hammer came down at €938 a 30% decrease on the avg.

The Gaia is trading at less than retail, €84 but up from the 3 month auction avg of €77.
Ratheadon 1.1 is still getting a good price, but also down 12% on the avg to €220 (€182 on IWA)
Dunmore and Rathclough (US Releases) are also keeping a high price with Dunmore increasing on its initial sale on IWA at €165 by 12% to €185 and Rathclogh increasing 24% from IWA but dropping 9% from the (€190) avg to €174.

That’s my take on the Irish Whiskey prices on WhiskyAuctioneer this month. Join me again soon when we take a look at the next auctions later this month, Celtic and Just-Whisky.

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