Spade and Bushel 10 year old Single Malt

Key Details

Whiskey Name: Spade & Bushel 10yr
Distillery: Connacht Whiskey Company
ABV: 42.2%
Age: 10 year old
Type: Irish Single Malt
Price: €34.31

Mayo, Maigh Eo, Plain of the yew trees. A place of solitude and retreat for many people, and a popular destination for tourists to get a sense of ‘real’ Ireland. Something that will only become more popular with Joe Bidens recent election to the office of the President of the United States, who discovered in 2016 that his great-great grandfather on his fathers side emigrated from Knockmore, Co Mayo.

If you ever visit Mayo you will be greeted by many green fields, filled with sheep and cows. There’s mountains to climb, beaches to (sun)bathe, the Atlantic to swim in and of course, a distillery to drink at.

Connacht Whiskey Company was founded by 4 friends, 3 Americans and an Irishman. Their goal was to make Irish whiskey Irish again. Like many new Irish distilleries, they have to wait 3 years minimum for their own product to be sold as whiskey, so they have a couple of different options if you wanted to support them. They have Conncullin Irish Gin, Strawboys Irish Vodka and Poitín, and 2 brands of Irish Whiskey; a lovely budget blend called Ballyhoo and the star of this review, their Spade & Bushel range. The Spade and Bushel Range has quite a few expressions at the moment, a 5 year Amarone, this 10 year Single Malt and Cask Strength edition, a 12 year Double Barrel Single Malt and a 14 year Single Malt Marsala Cask.

Connacht say, that while they’re waiting on their own whiskey to mature, they occasionally find a particularly fine Irish Whiskey, which they bring to us consumers under the label of Spafe and Bushel. It makes me wonder if this is something they will continue to do when they have their own stock, or if they will have a new brand for their own whiskey and then let this brand go into the background, or continue with sourced whiskey.

For our review, we have the 10 year old Spade & Bushel. An Irish Single Malt aged entirely in Ex bourbon casks, bottled at 42.2% ABV in 350ml bottles.




A fresh sweet nose hits you immediately. Reminiscent of those candy pear drops. It makes way then to the meat of the nose which is apricots, vanilla and a hint of nuttiness. Theres also a whisper of dry hay in the background.


Oily in the mouth, dances around before it clings on with a honey sweet, zesty citric note. Fresh fruit is the star, apples, lemon, banana with minimal spice(ginger spice)


Finish is short to medium, you get some lovely bitter chocolate nuttiness in it with a hint of barrel smoke. After it settles it leaves a minty flavour, and feels almost as if your mouth feels after mouthwash.

Overall Thoughts

There are some amazing things going on in this glass, but for some it could be a little overpowering in the inital sweetness on the nose. Probably one of the easiest whiskeys to drink. I could sit here all day sipping on this and wouldn’t have a care in the world. The ABV is just right for this whiskey at 42.2%. There’s a little spice on the palate, but nothing that would scare anyone off. The price, €35, is for a 350ml bottle so you’re talking €70 if it were full sized. Perhaps a little on the expensive side for a 10 year, but I think putting it in the 350ml was the right choice as it gives people the chance to try it at an accessible level.

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