Killowen Bonded Experimental Series: Oatmeal Imperial Stout Cask

Key Details

Whiskey Name: Killowen Bonded Experimental Series: Oatmeal Imperial Stout Cask
Distillery: Bonded/Undisclosed
ABV: 51.4%
Age: 10 Year Old
Type: Blended Irish Whiskey
Price: €90
Release Date: 13th November 2020

Killowen are launching their 6th edition of the Bonded Experimental Series. To date we’ve been treated to Jamaican Dark Rum , Txakolina Acacia Basque , Mezcal Tequilla, Peated Islay and Pinot Noir . Each of these have been totally different and interesting whiskeys, and this one sounds like a stunner.

Killowen’s story with this cask:

From the outset, we at Killowen Distillery have been carefully sourcing whiskeys 12, 11 and 10 years old from different distilleries all across Ireland. We also hunted the globe for the finest casks to compliment certain flavour notes in the blends, this time we have stayed much closer to home, looking to the famous Mourne Mountain region of Co Down. We received this cask wet and fresh from Mourne Mountains Brewery who had just disgorged it as part of their Hop’s & Stave’s cask-aged Stout edition. Working with other creatives from the Mourne locality made this cask all the more special.

Before stout, the cask previously held whiskey from a Dublin Distillery and prior to that, an American Bourbon. Fresh Vanilla was not a flavour profile we were expecting, rather, we had anticipated flavours associated with older wood.

Working with such a cask, saw us receiving the highest angels share from any of our releases to date. Our cask strengths normally sit around the 55-57% mark but this one finished at 51.4%. At one stage we felt this whiskey had become over-powered and so we left it inside for longer, eventually the overall flavour became more rounded and balanced. In the end, it spent 1 year in this cask.

6th part of the series:

Killowen have continued on with our Sharpie Culture as a protest to certain contested rules, restricting consumer transparency, we will continue to scribble some information out rather than remove it from our labels.

Killowen hopes to be an exemplar for industry progression, these integrity bottlings have quality, spirit and transparency as core values. We believe the packaging of a bottle should provide the consumer with all details regarding sourcing, blend ratio and finish.

The fact that it is not Killowen distilled spirit but rather, as the names suggest, a blended/ bonded spirit - is clearly set out. Providing the consumer with all this information allows a deeper understanding of the whiskey while tasting.

This whiskey is the sixth in a set of different whiskeys that will be released over a two-year period. The creators have advised the whiskey can be slightly diluted to suit the consumer. With this cask, you are unlikely to find any chunks of char in your bottle, but instead, a small amount of sediment or tiny char particles are visible all of which add to the flavour. Finishing only 350 numbered 50cl bottles at cask strength 51.4%, this imperial oatmeal stout cask was specifically chosen for its freshness and vibrancy, creating a unique small-batch spirit with a full-bodied experience as follows

Official Tasting Notes


Toffee apples and coffee on the stove, vanilla, honeysuckle, dark chocolate & nutmeg alongside coconut after a while.


Home baking rice crispy buns while overdoing the chocolate. A warming note of that well-brewed coffee served with those buns sprinkled with cocoa powder, all this balanced by a refreshing hint of lemon and orange peel toward the end.


After all that morish dark chocolate and coffee the spirit provides a refreshing hint of orange & lemon zest refreshes the palate like a rock shandy on a hot day. The wood spice lingers on with white pepper and slight coriander for a long finish.

Drinking Suggestions

While tasting, do try with one then two teaspoons of un-chilled water.

Note:By continuing with the discipline of this series, all bottles are at cask strength, there has been zero filtration or added colouring. The spirit has come straight from cask to bottle, is full of flavour and high in alcohol content. This Imperial Oatmeal Stout Cask was delivered directly to Killowen after being disgorged and after washing is offered fresh notes that are now offered to the consumer without compromise.

Killowen Distillery believes a whiskey should be enjoyed at cask strength then diluted by the consumer for a more intimate and educative drinking experience, so we encourage you to experiment with water.

The consumer will also notice the flavour profile of the spirit change as it breathes after opening, so please try it after a few minutes breathing in the glass also. Different complexities of fruit and spice become apparent as the spirit begins to open up.

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