Writers Tears Copper Pot

Key Details

Whiskey Name: Writers Tears Copper Pot
Distillery: The Walsh Distillery
ABV: 40% / 80 proof
Age: NAS
Type: Blended Irish Whiskey
Website: http://walshwhiskey.com/
Price: €40 in most stores

Writers Tears comes from the Walsh Distillery, who you may or may not know also produce ‘The Irishman’ whiskey. The Writers Tears is a particular homage to the success of Irish writers such as Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Lady Gregory. James Joyce and WB Yeats back in the 19th and Early 20th century. The same time of which Irish Whiskey was at great success.

At this time in history, when the same writers would be in their local public house, mulling life and drawing inspiration from their observations, they could be known to be having a drink of their favorite whiskey. The particular blend of whiskey, known as the ‘champagne of Irish Whiskey’, would have been a blend of pot still and malt whiskeys. It is said they enjoyed it so much that when they cried, their tears were of whiskey. Thus where the name Writers Tears comes from.

This particular bottle the Copper Pot, is their entry level to the brand, and is the same blend discussed above. A blend of single pot still and single malt. If you like this entry but want to try others, checkout their range and when it denotes ‘copper pot’ it is generally the same base. A sample of their other expressions such as the Cognac Cask Finish, Marsalla and even their Mizunara are Copper Pot so you will always have that familiar base if you start to explore their range.

Nose (28/33)

Strong sour green apple jumps out at you, similar to apple hardy sweet you can get. Once you get used to the apple and it fades into the background you get strong notes of honey with vanilla bean. When you rub a drip in your hands, you can then open up a note of butterscotch/fudge that is hidden on the nose.

Taste (20/34)

Mellow taste, with some ginger bread spice and oakiness, a sharp contrast from the nose. It’s pleasant and easy to drink, but you would expect it to be a bit more full and oily being pot stilled. Definitely a candidate for a higher proof

Finish (25/33)

Quite long, the spice lingers with you and gives some notes of cocoa and the vanilla bean coming back from the nose.



Overall this is a great entry level whiskey and it gives fans of the whiskey a base they can look for in other iterations which is a great thing for exploring.

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